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eBid-O-Gram App Update Release
Posted by Administrator NWSoftware on 28 January 2019 12:15 PM

Updates for the Android and iOS eBid-O-Gram apps have been posted and released to the appropriate app stores. The new app versions are as follows:

  • Android - v1.0.20

  • Apple iOS - v1.0.19

A new server connection license file, dated 9/3/18, is also available for download from our online application support site and is required to use the new App releases. Additionally, your copy of Auction-Tracker must be using the Release Date of 11/28/17 or newer.

Whats New!
To complete the v1 release, following the professional benefit auctioneer's science to successful silent auction bidding, eBid-O-Gram now includes the ability to define and manage multiple silent auction closings. Closings create multiple "calls to action" that provide additional revenue opportunities for the sient auction.

As a reminder, new functionality for eBid-O-Gram must be coordinated with Auction-Tracker to be implemented. Thus, all requests have to be reviewed against Auction-Tracker's feature set and planned accordingly.

Updating Your Smart Device
Updating the App is easy! Your device will notify you that an update is available or you may go to the appropriate App Store and download.

For more information on the eBid-O-Gram Electronic Bidding application for Auction-Tracker visit

If you have any questions, please contact our support team at 855.245.7500 or