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NOTICE: Servers On The Move!
Posted by Administrator NWSoftware on 14 August 2018 12:17 PM

As a part of the acquisition of Northwest Software, I want to let everyone using the hosting and support servers know of a change that will happen starting Friday 8/17/18. At 3p. Pacific Time this Friday, the servers will go offline. They will be packed up and taken to a data center located in Boise, ID. As soon as they arrive they will be placed in their new home and brought back online. We anticipate a return to full access by Monday 8/20/18, if not sooner.

Know that before the servers leave this office, I will have made full backups of everything. Nothing will get lost. If you are having an event this coming weekend, I will ask that you make a backup of your data and restore it to a local copy of the software by Thursday. Once the event has concluded, I will get a copy of the data from you to restore to the server.

Please understand that we have picked a weekend that is considered one the more quiet times of the year to make this move. If you have questions or concerns regarding this move, please call MaxGiving, LLC at 855.245.7500 and ask for Grey Gerber or Dan Harrington the owner. Grey is a new member of our support staff.

Thank you for understanding!

Jack Wilson
Northwest Software Technologies